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I watch as she smiles her whole face lighting up.
Only I know the truth.
Her laughter rings in my ears, loud and happy.
Only I know the truth.
"Things are going great!" she beams, confidence radiating from her every movement.
Only I know the truth.
Then, right before my eyes, I watch as her face crumples.Her smile fades adn I notice the cracks on her lips. Her eyes fill with tears and I notice how dull and lifeless they are. She runs her thumb under her eyes and I notice the dark rings, evidence of her sleepless nights. A single tear runs down her face, tracing her jawline and falling gently to the floor. She doesn't even attempt to wipe them away. I study her silently, watching her shoulders shudder gently with every sob, saying nothing. She looks me right in the eyes, and when she speaks, her voice is fragile, barely above a whisper:
"I can fool everyone else, why can't I fool myself?"
I let her cry, still watching, still saying nothing. I study her every move, watching her,memorising her. After an eternity she stops crying. She inhales deeply, controlling her breathing, wiping the last of the teardrops away with her sleeve. I look her in the eye, looking desperatly for a spark of life I once knew. I don't find it. I hear her let out a defeated sigh as I lean my head against the cool glass of my bedroom mirror. I close my eyes, body slumping forward with exhaustion. I hear her speak, in my voice, uncertain, shaky, broken.
"Thing's will get better"

Only I know the truth.
Based on the song 'reflection' by Christina Aguilera. Written when I was meant to be revising thought it was half decent hahaha
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January 11, 2013
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